The typical Salento dishes

The typical Salento dishes are for everyone, for all tastes: sea, land; vegetarians; simple or more elaborate, the dishes offered in “A Locanda tù Marchese” are made with local products from Salento.

For those who do not yet know Salento or for those who want to taste its flavours, here’s a selection of the typical Salento dishes of the Trattoria “A Locanda tù Marchese”. On this page you will find all the classic recipes that we offer at the Locanda.

Our Menu changes and evolves every year, as our research in the use of local ingredients and in the most ancient recipes is constant. In addition, on the terrace or in the hypogeum of “A Locanda Tù Marchese” you will have a wide choice of matured and non-aged meats to compose your grilling, with the advice of the staff

* Food preferences: On request we can satisfy the listed dietary needs. You need to inform us before the experience if you want to use this service: pescatarian, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, egg-free.

-> Check out our EXPERIENCES section if you want to learn how to make Orecchiette with Nonna Tetta

Salento classic first courses:

orecchiette cime di rapa e vongole
fave e cicorie salento
pasta con pomodorini secchi salento
tajeddhra salento
gnocchetti cozze
sagne ncannulate salento

Classic Salento second courses:

polipo in pignata salento
braceria salento
polpette di pane ricetta
polpettone salentino
caciucco salentino
gamberoni gallipoli
frittura paranza salento
caponata salentina
zuppa cozze salento

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