The Salento recipes

Our  cousine

“Cu lu tièmpu e cu llà pàgghia sse maturanu le fiche” (With time and straw, the figs ripen)

Over time and with straw, figs ripen

So goes the old saying to make it clear that to get something in life, you must not be in a hurry, everything will come at the right time.

The Salento recipes of the dishes prepared by our family in “A Locanda tù Marchese” come from an ancient culinary tradition, simple and tasty. In our Locanda we would like to offer our guests the real opportunity to get to know the world of yesterday, made up of flavours and rituals of other times, of expectations during the cooking preparations, which our family has always enjoyed and cherished over the years.

Salento cuisine is as colourful as its territory; ours is a rich land that offers various recipes of the past, created with few and “poor” ingredients, wisely used to create dishes capable of making even the most demanding and savvy ones lick their lips. The simplicity of the paparina and the roughness of the sagne ncannulate are an allegory of the deep knowledge of the territory and the tireless labour of our housewives.

In the Typical Trattoria “A Locanda tù Marchese” in Matino We are a family, where in the kitchen mother-in-law and son-in-law, traditional craftsmanship and knowledge is combined with professionalism. Beyond the orecchiette, beyond the broad beans and chicory, we hope you will be able to find in our Locanda the flavours and familiar warmth of the past, in an eternal circle in which everything arrives and matures according to its own times. Enjoy with us the slow rising of the bread, the sweet bubbling of the sauce, the crunch of the artichokes, the enveloping flavour of freshly made ricotta.

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