The “Puttaniji” of our Inn

The traditional Salento cuisine is the protagonist at the typical Trattoria “A Locanda tù Marchese”.

Considering that in Salento there has never been a tradition for appetizers, but rather a strong preference for the “single dish”, we decided to offer our guests a complete option, thanks to which they can have a sort of overview of the typical flavors of Salento and of our traditions.

The variety will satisfy every palate, from the most sophisticated to the one in search of the rustic flavors of the past: the warmth of home cooking gets everyone on board, it’s up to you guests to evaluate the tastiness of the food…

Here are our “puttaniji”, a concentration of the flavors of Salento and our Locanda’s.

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Cascata d’Antipasti

three floors of tastings of traditional Salento dishes, seafood and land dishes, which will be illustrated at the table

Salento salami and cheese platter

a particular selection of cold cuts and cheeses, produced according to ancient traditional recipes, with matching jams, olives, lupins, burrata or stracciatella and other goodies


to the selection of cured meats and cheeses with burrata, we add a maxi frisa with basic condiment (tomato, basil, oil and salt) and dried peppers, artichokes, lampaggioni, strips of aubergine… In addition, on the palette you will find grilled vegetables, mixed fried and rustic pitta (potato pie)

Nà cosa tuce tuce

the dessert moment, at the end of your lunches and dinners, will be a triumph of pastarelle, mustazzoli, homemade macaroons, cupeta, pitteddhe and much more, accompanied by raisin wine and homemade liqueurs with the most unusual tastes, all for you to try.

Would you like to taste”Puttaniji” or have more informations?