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Salento sea and beaches

Ionian or adriatic coast?
Beach or low rock-cliff?

The “father of Salento” is the sea, that has always rapresented the true soul of this region, the Southern Apulia; from the sea liberators and conquerors, merchants and dreamers came. The Salentine coast, is characterized by long stretches of sand, alternating with stretches of cliffs, by caves and wonderful sea beds. Matino is the historical centre in the hinterland where A Locanda Tu Marchese is located, and is the best strategic point to move to marine cities.
Starting from the Ionic side, one finds beautiful landscapes, with small beach and low cliffs mixed with the Mediterranean maquis: Porto Cesareo, Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Caterina, Rivabella e Gallipoli.
Then going southwards one meets Torre del Pizzo, Mancaversa, Torre Suda wich are only some of the pearls of this area. Finally one arrives to Torre San Giovanni, with a thick pine forest and stretches of white sand, with low hills rich in Mediterranean maquis touching the sea.
One then proceeds Southwards through the sunny and sandy beaches of Torre Mozza , Lido marini, Torre Pali ,Pescoluse the Maldive of Salento, just arriving to Leuca, “de finibus terrae”. Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme e Otranto masterfully close this overview of the most famous marine cities in Salento.