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“It’s possible that I may be deprived of my freedom… But only once you’ll have erased my heritage you can say you have imprisoned me.

Until then I will always caress the memory of who I am.”

Among the scents of aromatic herbs, bread and  cakes, freshly baked  in the court  of “A Locanda Tù Marchese”, we present you a palace outside of the world, where it’s possible to taste the slow passing of the time and our deeply rooted traditions:  the  absolute priority in this  homely  and authentic atmosphere is to spend unforgettable moments.

All of this should not be merely represented as nostalgia, but as a point of reflection.

In order to avoid the risk of oversimplifying our traditions and our daily ways of doing, the intimate connection our grandparents feel with the earth, that is slowly fading away with the years,  just like it is fading the memory of a deep act of rebellion and defence of one’s own land, which was that of  the Brigands.

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Te historical Hotel

with underground jacuzzi

The  Historic Residence “A Locanda Tù  Marchese”  was reborn in  2005, after our family, Protopapa, decided to purchase the ancient  aristocratic building in Via Giovan Battista Del Tufo, in Matino,  a medieval town  in the hinterland,  in a central position in relation to the marinas of the Adriatic and  Ionian coasts.

The original geometry of the palace was respected when the various rooms were designed, saving the pavements, the star vaults, the different colours and the fascinating design of the past, enriched with all the hotel services.

Our Trattoria re-proposes typical recipes of our traditions with local products even to guests who are not staying at the hotel.

The hotel is located about 12,5 km from Punta della Suina (Gallipoli), 37 km from Otranto and Leuca.

The nearest airport is “Aeroporto del Salento” in Brindisi, about 90 km from the hotel. In addition, 600 meters from the hotel it is possible to find Matino’s railway station and the different bus stops, which stop in every marina in the Province of Lecce.

It is possible to come close to the Locanda by car to leave your luggage. 100 meters from the Locanda you’ll find S. Giorgio Square, where it is possible to park safely and for free.

The jacuzzi is avaible only from May to October. When it is not possible to access it, we will inform you.

Luisa prepares every morning a sweet and savoury buffet made with local specialities and more.

0 km products, genuineness for all tastes.

No, everyone can book a table in the hypogeum or panoramic terrace of our typical salentinian Trattoria.

Obviously, the half-board is also available.


Homemade continental BREAKFAST

Underground Jacuzzi

Cooking class with Nonna Tetta

Free bike rental and trips

Pet Friendly

Our passion for local traditions

B&B con piscina matino

The Bed & Breakfast “A Locanda tù Marchese” in Matino, near Gallipoli, is the result of a careful restoration work. Every element of the rooms has been respected: the original geometries, the colored floors, the star vaults. Yesterday’s furnishing accessories are once again protagonists, contributing to the charm that this historic residence still preserves today.

We are sure that our attention to detail will meet the favor of all those guests who seek authenticity and respect for traditions in Salento.