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Typical Restaurant 'A Locanda tù Marchese'

The traditional peasants’ food is the protagonist of the “A Locanda tù Marchese” menu: Protopapa family cook and serve lovely and homemade Apulian dishes to introduce Puglia and especially Salento to tourists and let them experience flavors and tastes, remindful of the history of the region.

A Locanda tù Marchese” restaurant, in Matino, is a placewhere you can eat dishes cooked with 0- km seasonal ingredients. The vegetables grown in the terrace garden of the restaurant and the excellent greens  supplied by the local vegetable-makers, adhering to the initiative “Campagna Amica“, organized  by Coldiretti (the largest agricultural organization in Europe) guarantee Daniele Protopapa, the chef of the “A Locanda tù Marchese” restaurant, plenty of  genuine ingredients for his recipes.

We also have interesting workshop of pasta and sweets, local craft and pizzica dance

Local dishes and wines
Salento at table: the traditional Salentinian dishes are paired with exquisite and rare local wines
Manual Ability
Hands shaping a dream
Hands picking up fruits; hands working; hands serving traditional dishes.
0-Km philosophy
Local ingredients only
The ingredients used for “ A Locandatu Marchese” dishes are grown in the garden terrace of the restaurant and in the fields nearby Matino

A Locanda tù Marchese” restaurant  is a family restaurant where guests can taste the traditional Apulian and Salentinian dishes making up the Mediterreanean Diet. Since 2010 this  selection of simple dishes, common to  Mediterranean countries,  has been recognized and preserved  as “Immaterial Cultural Heritage”  by Unesco: a special combination  of legumes, cereals, vegetables , meat and fish, taste and flavors , capable of evoking the history of their territory.

The collaboration of the local vegetable-makers and breeders, adhering to “Campagna Amica” initiative, with  the Protopapa family makes possible the use of seasonal and genuine ingredients, the key factor in the Mediterranean Diet.


A Locanda tù Marchese“, a place where you can  taste the exquisite Salentinian food, wine and pastries

Only seasonal and genuine ingredients cultivated in the surroundings supplied by the local vegetable-makers

At “A Locanda tù Marchese” km-0 restaurant in Matino you can taste excellent dishes cooked with natural ingredients, enjoying jazz music events

Protopapa family warmly arrange their guests’  most important celebration parties


A Locanda tù Marchese” restaurant uses local and seasonal ingredients. Thanks to the terrace overlooking the historic center of Matino, where the restaurant is housed, in summer, “A Locanda tù Marchese” guests can taste their lunch,  prepared by Daniele Protopapa, while sipping local wine, in the shade of the bell tower, enjoying a picturesque view.

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