Cooking classes Primosale, Ricotta and Mozzarella

with Mummy Luisa

“Pane cu ccanta, mieru cu zzumpa and ccasu cu cchianga” the crunchiness of the bread, the liveliness of the wine, the creaminess of the cheese … this is the song that my wife sings while she prepares the cheeses. With her you will make the PRIMO SALE ,RICOTTA,and MOZZARELLA just as it was once done, on a low heat, with fresh cow’s milk, with the “fische” (typical conteiners for cheese), squeezing the chunks of cheese by hand, breaking the curd. During the day you will taste your cheeses and together with our family we will eat our cheeses, our bread and our vegetables … endless wine! Welcome to our home, where time has stopped and the scent is still what it used to be.

Things to know

  • Opening time from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm, at “A Locanda Tù Marchese”, Via Del Tufo 38, Matino
  • Price (branch + cooking class) 60,00€
  • Reservation you can directly book at the best price by contacting us or by Airbnb experience.
  • Nutritional preferences We can satisfy any type of the listed nutritional preferences on request.It is necessary to inform the staff before the experience if you’d like to enjoy this service: pescatarian, vegetarian, egg-free.
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Would you like to to learn

how to prepare Italian cheeses like Primo sale, ricotta and mozzarella?