Bike rental and GPS track

For your bike tours, we provide you, in agreements with various specialized rental shops, mountain bikes and touring bicycles or E-BIKES, models for all needs.

The bicycles in our bike room are available free of charge for our guests and have 28-inch wheels, 21 gears and front shock absorbers, suitable for covering long stretches in peace and comfort. In addition, there is no lack of equipment: parcel racks, travel bags with inner tubes, repair and first aid kits.


Crosstrail Sport Disc
After work or a long day, get on your bike. With Shimano ACERA drivetrain, all terrain tires, hydraulic disc brakes and suspension fork. Specialized tires.

Crosstrail is provided by a suspension fork with lock-out, for fast and efficient use both on and off-road. The frame, made of A1 Premium light alloy, provides comfort and convenience.

Bottecchia – Acera

766 and 765 City TRK Acera Bottecchia bicycles: monotube frame to facilitate access to the saddle, suspension fork, Shimano Acera 21-speed gearbox, with multi-position steering column to adjust the inclination of the handlebar and Bottecchia gel saddle for absolute comfort. The unique lighting system with electronic dynamo at the front hub and halogen headlight should not be underestimated.

Bianchi Spillo Diamante

These are the top-of-the-range city bikes of the Bianchi spillo series. The lightweight aluminum frame is hydroformed at the time of the mold making it more resistant and attractive. The Shimano Deore rear derailleur and Spectra rims equipped with stainless steel spokes guarantee quality. The sountur fork which amortized with lock out remote, that is the fork block that allows you to make it completely rigid and locked at any time directly from the handlebar, is extremely performing.
The finishes, the Hermans crankcase, the Promax stem, the Royal Freeway saddle and the Basta Sprint 2,4w lights, give it that extra touch.

Lombardo – Roma via del Corso

Shimano Alivio 24v. Gearbox, crankset and dynamo in the Shimano hub, RST suspension fork, royal saddle, the 7005 aluminum alloy frame recall the refinement of the details that make this trekking bicycle unique.

Atala – E-Space

Top of the range bicycle of the “classic line” of ATALA e-bikes, which provide pedal assist with wheel hub motor. The lithium-ion battery has a low weight and the multifunction computer also allows you to adequately manage battery consumption.

Scott – E-sub tour 20

Ideal for long distances, thanks to its comfortable saddles, the Bosch ePoweres with 400wh battery, the Premium Interactive Display and the Custom racktime luggage rack.