Activities and Territory

Welcoming you in our historic home,
between a traditional breakfast homemade by Luisa and a dinner in our vegetable-garden restaurant on terrace,
we will tell you about the Salento and the love we feel for this territory, suggesting itineraries for biking, trekking,
the most beautiful beaches and marine and the main events and festivals…
From Matino to Santa Maria di Leuca by bicycle: it can be done!

From Matino to Santa Maria di Leuca by bicycle: it can be done! The Acquedotto Cycle Route is an extraordinary itinerary between history and nature of about 500 kilometers from

Travel on bike: new destination in south-Italy I Salento I

Are you ready to ride in a wild land in Italy? What about Salento? Our B&B with bikeroom welcomes you! A special promotion for who want go cycling in south-Italy and try some workshop: homemade traditional pasta, pizzica pizzica dance and ricotta cheese.Contact us.

Orecchiette workshop with the grandmother Tetta

In  "A Locanda Tù Marchese" are waiting for you with our grandmother Tetta to LEARN TO MAKE ORECCHIETTE, at our km0 trattoria, to learn everything you wanted to know about the art of Orecchiette: from dough with semolina and hot water , to the secret of transforming a shapeless piece of dough into the famous orecchiette and more.

Coastal Towers route in north of Gallipoli by bike

So outstretched towards the sea, so exposed to the dominations, so fought for its geographical position, but at the same time welcoming and open to new cultures, the Salento peninsula has always had to deal with the numerous assailants. By cycling in some cities of Salento, you will be amazed by the mighty messapic walls and the great number of coastal towers scattered along the coast but also inland as part of the structural complex called "masseria"

Food and wine route by bike:The places of the flavors of Salento

Everyone who would like to try this cycling-gastronomic route of the Salento can choose whether to travel independently or guided, and to stop only in some of the places we propose.... 

Walking to Torre Colimena and the flamingo of the monk’s saltpan

Torre Colimena, near Manduria, is 60km far from “A Locanda Tù Marchese” historical B&B and family typical restaurant in Matino. We with our guide organize a bus to go to Torre Colimena and a trekking route there.

Excursion in south Serre  Salentine:taste and pasta workshop

Salento is an extremely varied land, its beaches, its culinary tastes are known, but the hinterland is all to be discovered. And what we would like to do is a tour in the south south of Matino, in the heart of Serrre Salentine.

Leuca: the origins and places to see

Santa Maria di Leuca, one of the most beautiful beach city in Salento, here the most important places you must visit during your holiday!

Bike and Pizzica: Rally in Salento 28th April 21st May 2018

With our friends of Bikeitalia from April 28 to May 1, 2018 we organized a cycling meeting in Salento through the olive trees and beaches, dry stone walls and savoring the of our land.

Where you can do guided excursions and hiking tours in Apulia: hiking to the “Spunnulate”

Hiking in the South Apulia: to the “Spunnulate” and discover this particular phenomenon, and these particular places and landscapes...

Walking in Alliste and Felline:history and nature

Alliste e Felline are very beautiful cities, discovery with what you schould visit by bike or on walking...

For groups:3 days south Puglia food and wine on bike

For groups: south Puglia on bike 3 days: ride with us around south Puglia and discovery our land on bike.

Easter Weekend 2018 on bike in south Puglia

3 days for 190€ - 2 days for 130 € ALL INCLUSIVE. On bike or on foot we will visit the ionic coast and the hinterland of sputh Puglia...

Excursion on bike from Matino to Gallipoli

The excursion includes points of historical interest including museum, rural churches, votive chapels and churches in the city ,  palaces in historical centres and some points to taste local food and wine. For our guest we prepare this route for our guests, to discover the hidden corners of Salento, in contact with nature, history and people.

Maccaruni and sagna ‘ncannulata: salentine homemade pasta

Do you want to learn how to made these kind of pasta with us at Locanda? We organize homemade pasta workshop...

Salento Jazz night on terrace in Locanda in Matino

Every year on our terrace you are welcome in our vegetable garden restaurant, where artists, musicians, actors and poets entertain our guests.

Cycling Tour Salento between history,food and wine

If you want to keep in touch with Salento nature , here at A Locanda Tu Marchese, we have road and mountain bike routes, to discover this land...

Learn Pizzica dance in South Puglia

At "A Locanda Tù Marchese"  B&B and restaurant in Matino, near Gallipoli we organize WORKSHOPS OF PIZZICA, at our tipical family restaurant, where dance teachers and tamburellists will teach you how to dance Pizzica Pizzica and tell you the story of this ancient dance.

Lecce , in Apulia, what to see and do

Lecce is perfect for walks with your children in the historical centre or to ride on bike during the night, among pompeian palaces. From “A Locanda Tù Marchese” , a historical residence with rooms and a typical salentine restaurant on terrace, Lecce is far about 46 km, you could travel to Matino by car or on bus.

Porto Cesareo and Punta Prosciutto: your journey in Salento(Apulia)

A Locanda Tu Marchese, B&B end tipical restaurant near Porto Cesareo in a perfect place where you could relax far from beaches...We are 45 km far from Porto Cesareo and others marine cities.

Pizzica Pizzica dance workshop and courses in Salento

Pizzica dance workshop is organized in Matino at "A Locanda Tu Marchese", an historical building in the centre. For a very particular experience in south Italy, choose our Locanda, we have a lot of other workshop.

Events and Festivals in Salento on July, August and September

Do you want to stay in Apulia in Italy for your summer 2018? Choose Salento: a wonderfull part of Apulia. Here a lot of events and festivals with A Locanda Tu Marchese, Bnb and tipical family restaurant.

3 days cycling in Salento: bike routes and workshops

Our bike discount in A Locanda Tu Marchese is for 3 days cycling in Salento, we give you routes and tracks and some special suggestions...

1 night in Matino on bike

For your tour on bike in Salento, we have a special discount for 1night in Matino in our Locanda, we give you routes and gps tracks...

Events and festivals in Salento in April, May and June

Here we would like to show you some of the most important Festival and events in Salento (Apulia), near our A Locanda Tu Marchese , a historical building with B&B and  tipical restaurant. We organize for you transports to reach these events, bike and trekking tour to discover these old cities. Choose our Locanda in Matino for your holiday in salento.

Where to eat typical dishes in Salento? Ciceri e tria

Here in our tipical family restaurant “A Locanda Tù Marchese” in the historical centre of Matino,  we made this dish in this way: we fry half pasta (called Tria) and the other half we cook in the boiled water, with chickpeas from near land.

Visit Presicce in South Italy (Apulia)

A Locanda Tu Marchese is near Presicce, a very beautiful historical centre in Apulia...

What is “salento” in italy?

Salento is a chest that holds many treasures, the ideal destination for any vacationer, who visits it falls in the love with it ..

Visit Matino and the underground hypogeum

In the past Gallipoli and Matino too, was very famous in the word for lamp oil production. In our Locanda we organize a bike or walking hikes, and cooking workshop and tastings.

 What is Caremma in South Italy? Easter traditions

What is Caremma in South Italy? Easter traditions in Salento...