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Salentinian  cuisine,  including a range of seafood , meaty , vegetarian, simple or elaborate recipes,  is  for anyone and for all tastes; the dishes served at “La Locanda tù Marchese” are made with a selection  of traditional Salentinian  ingredients.

For the ones who haven’t been to Salento  yet or for those who want to bring back Salentinian  flavors  to memory , here it is a selection of typical Salentinian dishes served at “La Locanda tù Marchese“:


Orecchiette and turnip tops


Ciciri and Tria

Minchiareddi with ragù

Ceca Mariti

Fave e Cicorie

Pasta and Ricotta

Tajeddha Salentina

Longheroni Casaluri

Wild chicories soup

Pasta with beans

Laganari with green beans

Sagna of Lecce

Fettuccine Terra e Mare

Polipo in Pignata

Mixed grill

Cocule te Pane


Roasted sea bass

Caciucco Salentino

King prawns and beans

Fried fish

Loin and figs

Caponata Salento

Grilled fish

Cozze Pueppetegne

Stuffed potatos

Swordfish of Gallipoli

Stuffed squids